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Little House on the Prairie

We’ve had another heat wave hit us this past weekend, and it’s been impossible to leave the house in anything but airy dresses and skirts. I’m not much of a sundress person, so it’s been tough to find something in my closet. I wore this dress to work because it has a modest hemline and […]


I spent this afternoon wandering around downtown window shopping and wishing I didn’t have to wait almost a 2 weeks to get my next paycheck. And boy was it a hot one, the temperature rose to a stifling 102°F and still hasn’t cooled off much. Nevertheless, I enjoyed spending my free afternoon showing off my […]

Hair & Makeup: Headband Twist

This is one of my newest favorite hairstyles because it’s both disheveled and elegant – and super easy! One of my friends always has her hair up in a headband and I thought it was so cute, but that I wouldn’t be able to get my hair to do it. Once she showed me how, […]


Shopping Spree: July

Yesterday my mom came for a visit and we spent the afternoon doing what we do best: shopping. Because we live in a rural area, the best place to spend the afternoon shopping is the local mall.  It was really great to spend the day with my mom, even if our taste in clothes doesn’t […]

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Spark of Color

As a business student, I find it’s very easy to get drowned in the boringness of “appropriate” professional wear. I’m constantly told to stick to black, gray, and navy suits with a white or neutral shirt underneath. While this is fair advice when playing safe and for interviews, it leaves me curious about how I […]

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Inspired By: Festival Digs

Seeing all of the news and photos on festival wear brought me down a bit this year because I wasn’t able to make it to any. That doesn’t mean I can’t take a few festival styles and transform them into sidewalk looks. I love the high-waisted shorts look with the lace/crochet tops, but it’s pretty […]

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The Graphic Tee

One of the easiest ways to stretch your closet is to pair your graphic t-shirts with “going-out” skirts – tight, stretchy skirts that go with almost anything. Graphic t-shirts are also a great time saver. A lot of college students have to manage their time between classes, jobs, student groups, and their social life. You […]

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Mellow Yellow

Because my workplace doesn’t have a strict dress code, I always have the hardest time choosing outfits that are relaxed yet still appropriate. Most people wear shorts or jeans, and sweats are even allowed. Even though I could wear athletic shorts and a sweatshirt to work everyday, I like to look a bit more put […]

Wedding Bells

Earlier this summer I attended an outdoor wedding of a close friend of mine. The wedding was a small, simple affair outdoor at a nearby bed & breakfast. Weddings can be tricky to dress for because you don’t want to overdue the sex appeal, but that’s no reason to go dressed in a paper bag. […]