This is not a fashion blog.

In the ongoing battle between style and fashion, style has always won out for me. I started this blog not to catalogue incoming and outgoing fashion trends, but rather to provide a platform of ideas and inspiration for 20-something-year-olds to hone in on their personal style by posting outfits, hairstyles, and make-up I wear. I’ve always been interested in the way people express themselves through their wardrobe choices, and hopefully this blog can be a tool for others to do just that.

As a college student myself, I understand working with a tight budget. My goal is to showcase a number of different styles that students and young professionals can relate to at a cost that’s easily affordable. It doesn’t always take a million bucks to look it!

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  1. Love your “about” section. I’m officially following you!

  2. Hey there,

    I’m recruiting ladies who love fashion for a market research project. I came across your blog and thought you might be a good candidate.

    If you are interested, please visit the following:



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