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The Little Things

Usually by Labor Day weekend I’m ready to bring out my scarves and boots, but this Labor Day was a hot one and it looks like temperatures are going to be high for a while. It doesn’t exactly constitute an Indian Summer because it was never cold, then hot again, but that’s sort of what […]

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This is one of my favorite weeknight outfits because it has a casual feel, but isn’t shorts and a tshirt. The sheer top gives it a bit of a sexy look, while the asymmetrical hemline keeps it fun. Distressed denim tones down the sheer shirt and, as always, keeps the look casual. Of course, my […]

denim, denim shorts, sweatshirt, vans, collar


Many times I’ll meet people who tend to mash all of the midwestern states together, so when I tell them I’m from Iowa I get a blank stare and a “That’s the one with the corn, right?” To be fair, though, I have a tendency to mash all the New England States together. So even […]

denim shorts, vans, sweater, collar

Laid Back

I like to dress for comfort, and nothing is more comfortable to me than worn denim, soft cotton, and old sneakers. The collar on my tank top keeps it classier than a plain t-shirt, and the sweater (my favorite!) is airy enough to wear in the summertime, but is also enough to keep me warm […]